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Andy Fairweather-Low, 2001, introduction, when you start playing solos and thinking of the architecture of a solo, how to build up and release tension and all these things, you need a basic set. Mechanical Advice, lead with your third finger and slide up to the 10th fret of the B string. As with the previous lick, you can barre the 8th fret here with your first finger.

These repeating patternslike those in figures 13AB, 14AB and 15AB typically involve working between no more than a couple of strings and using bends and hammer-ons/pull-offs in manic fashion. Most Blues players are a master of this technique: playing behind the beat. The same vocal as above now sounds really like a question: My baby left me, what going on? Once again compare it to learning a language like a kid, starting without thinking of grammar, just learning to combine words so that others understand what youre meaning.

Particularly humbling was Creams live rendition of Robert Johnsons Crossroads, a cut overrun with jaw-dropping licks based upon minor/major pentatonic sounds,. And hell take you to another level.