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Celebs who lost their virginity (comparatively) late in life

Holiday (1938) Cary Grant is engaged to the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. Beyond the menagerie of quips and physical comedy set pieces, this outlandish caper transformed character actor James Carrey into the limb-flailing Jim of legend, beginning an era where Carrey could do no wrongeven while, literally, talking out of his behind. Under Walter Hills direction, they fight crime, spout one-liners and create big-time havoc.

Brown, who plans to wed Lemmon, even when he l:earns the truth. Quot;"Didn't Antony Perkins say he lost his virginity at 39 (to Victoria Principal). Sullivans travels (1941) A comedy director (Joel McCrae) decides to quit Hollywood to seek a serious subject among the poor. Grand farceurs, doing their thing.

Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson are the players; Jill Clayburgh is the love interest; Bert Convy and Lotte Lenya are the hysterical gurus of self-improvement. Its even better than it sounds. In the season 4 episode "Some 38th Parallels Hawkeye tells Colonel Potter that he was reading Fanny Hill in the back of a truck on top of a pile of rotting peaches, saying that when the truck hit a bump he was "in heaven". As acting work diminished, Evans switched to taxi-driving to earn a regular income, although in 1993 he returned to the screen as Bazzard in the film The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which starred Robert Powell, but it failed to make an impression.