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Earlier this year, the intrepid Exploratorium video team braved stench and gore to document a whale necropsy on a Pacifica beach. Orca whale fluke ( Orcinus orca ) Used for close combat, the wahaika (short-handled weapon) has a curved shape and usually a human figure carved into the crescent of the blade. This photo, taken in 1997 in Karikari Beach, New Zealand, shows a stranded long-finned pilot whale.

He refused to acknowledge the sections silliness. Pakicetus attocki, the earliest-known member of the modern whale lineage. Kutchicetus minimus, the early whale shown in this artists reconstruction, Kutchicetus minimu s, had a small, otter-like skeleton and lived between about 43 and 46 million years ago in tropical seas. The whales massive bulbous head is about one-third of the animals length.

Homo sapiens, and got several willing donors to sign letters ensuring their members would enter the collection after death. This tusk is decorated with images of boats, buildings, animals and people in action, including Inuit hunters harpooning whales. Though hed simply dried the penises to start, he began preserving them in formaldehyde so theyd more closely retain their original appearance. In this distinctive scrimshaw piece, the skull of a rough-toothed dolphin ( Steno bredanensis ) has been decorated with flags, ships, a butterfly and flowering trees.