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Although dated, the drawings are not signed and therefore the name of the draftsman or designer is unknown. In addition, this successful flight renewed the militarys interest in the Al Quds UAV project, which was concurrently developing larger UAVs with greater payload capacity for other missions like communications and radar jamming. All of the G C systems and related components were stored at the Al Quds Factory of the Al Karamah General Company immediately before OIF. The original warhead design contained one forward booster and two rear boosters at the base of the warhead, one of which serves to provide uniform detonation in the system, the other as an auto destruct mechanism in case the missile deviates from its predetermined trajectory.

However, increased costs associated with manufacturing and handling ceramic warheads outweigh the benefits. An initial order of six tons of aluminum powder from an unidentified source; an additional 120 tons purchased from NEC and three Iraqi companies (Al Sharqiyah, Al Maghrib, and Al Ayan) who purchased it from France; 104 tons of htpb. Shortly after takeoff, the UAV was switched from manual control to autopilot and flew the pre-programmed route to Muhammadi AFB, a distance of approximately.

In December 2003 after Coalition forces captured Saddam Husayn, a source who worked on Al Quds claimed that. According to a missile program official, in approximately 1997 (while unscom were monitoring in-country Iraq initiated an effort to convert the SA-2 into an SSM with a range of at least 300.