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Vanessa White s gown reveals side-boob at Pride Of Britain Awards

Buddha statues and Buddha imagery seem to be more common in celebrity owned homesparticularly in Los Angelesthan those god-awful paintings of pears and other assorted fruit frequently spotted in the homes of stars. Anyhoo, as should be expected, the color-free decorative motif continues into the master bedroom where we find plush chocolate brown carpeting on the floor, putty colored grass cloth on the walls, and a whole mess of rust colored.

Suspiciously, Vanessa was nowhere to be seen while Nick partied. Youre just wondering if one of her boobs is going to pop out! Its sleeveless design also revealed her numerous tattoos, but as she ventured out of the Mayfair venue later that night it also revealed something else a generous helping of side-boob. In Touch print version claims: He was talking to a pretty blond dancer named Heather all night.

Jessica Chastain stunned on Saturday in this floaty Nina Ricci confection at the Governors Awards in Hollywood. The video had a nostalgic vibe, as it is a recreation of Vanessas character Gabriella Montez singing Breaking Free on High School Musical.