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Each of our jewelry pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity, which indicates genuine materials and unrivaled craftsmanship from dedicated artists. Religious beliefs among the tribal nations played a strong role in the wearing and creation of the different American Indian necklaces. Beaded necklaces now come in a large array of styles, colors, and with many unique and unusual materials. Each type of animal is believed by the Zuni to hold powers that can help the owner of the carving.

Fetish necklaces with stone animals in them are a good example of this. We feature inlay necklaces that far exceed the normal necklaces previously seen in the industry.

Silver beads are widely used in American Indian necklaces, whether they are an intricate handmade and highly decorated accent for a necklace with stones, or plain round beads for a Native American all silver bead necklace. Browse our authentic Native American Indian Stone Fetishes.