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They took this to mean he had some kind of secret weapon. While as an institution MIC had organizational continuity, substantively there were two MICs, each distinguishable by unique historical circumstances and its links to a prominent leader.

The mechanism allowed the UN and the iaea to monitor the import of dual-use goods in Iraq. Saddam knew his subordinates had a tendency to lie, but his earlier efforts to check their claims by ground-truthing them through personal tours of inspection decreased by 1998 as he became more reclusive.

These former senior officials dismiss Qusays intelligence and leadership ability. Although the United States was not considered a natural adversary, some Iraqi decision-makers viewed it as Iraqs most pressing concern, according to former Vice President Ramadan. Husayn Kamil had notable successes, developing long-range missiles and BW and CW capabilities for Saddam. The United States determines the amounts and prices of oil, with the help of its fleets and the occupation forces.