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Regime Strategic Intent Central Intelligence Agency

Beginning on 27 November 2002 until United Nations withdrew all its personnel on, unmovic completed 731 inspections at 411 sites, including 88 sites it had visited for the first time. But he would tell the security services to take care of things dissenters, and they would take care. This transitional phase was characterized by economic growth on the one hand, which emboldened and accelerated illicit procurement and programs.

The Security Council, however, created three panels on under the direction of Brazilian Ambassador Celso.N. Saddams public and private statements in 19 reveal that Iraq envisioned using WMD against Israel and invading Coalition Forces under certain conditions. Huwaysh believed that Saddam would base his decision regarding future Iraqi WMD development on how the Security Council followed through on its promise in paragraph 14 to establish in the Middle East a zone free from weapons of mass destruction.

Sultan Hashim Ahmad Al Tai, the former Minister of Defense, these organizations did not incorporate WMD in their planning, training, and supply systems during the Iran-Iraq war. Many, however, believe that Saddam would have resumed WMD programs after sanctions were lifted.