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Sarah nodded, and she was about to take one more sip of wine but Anthony gently stopped her. Then I order everyone to regroup back at the car. His tone of voice had changed ever so slightly. Without much preamble I wallop her ass hard with the paddle, again and again, steadily and without pausing.

Then he pulled away to let her take off the rest. I dont want you to be too intoxicated for this. Anthonys hands felt big, soft and warm against her skin. The eyes of the girls grow to saucer-size and they look at each other with apprehension as I pass the paddles to my pals.

Untie my hands Not yet, he said. The stillness of the night is broken by cries of pain and the terrible lashing of leather against flesh. Her butt still stinging from the spanking and flogging, she lay on her back, completely naked, somehow feeling even more exposed than before.