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I did not ask any further. Jaco Beach, le Loft claims not to allow working girls. Some of the girls I saw on the street looked like 16 years old. Some girls have a very exotic Indian look about them and some look Nordic with pure blond hair and blue eyes. .

Acai bowls, aLL good acai, blended: Organic acai, banana, blueberry almond milk. Claritas Bikini contest with some local working girls. Monkey bar late night brothel and open nightclub.

Try your luck at one of the numerous Jaco Beach Casinos, go bar hopping, or just hang on the strip with a brew and strike up a conversation with the crowd. I am guessing they got some good rates after doing this for a whole week. The Nightlife in Jaco is Legendary, Which Makes it One of The Top Party Destinations in Central America.