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Ego is legion, demons inside us, an army of demons triying to use you and your energy to survive. Crist expeled from, mary Magdalene, or the seven demonds Crist expeled from the wild man and threw them to the pigs.

One example of each head, however millions of examples exist. People wanting the partner of their neighbors, or the car, etc. Lazyness : I gotta wake up to go to work, while ego in your head telling you: nah sleep a bit more its nothing, you still have time.

Lust: Why do we have to watch every good looking girl/guy with the intentions of violating her/him? Jelousy: Girls keep criticizing each other just by watching their clothes, live your life let other live theirs. People live and die and at the end they didnt even know the purpose of their existence. 97 of the thing that comes across our minds is not us, its ego.