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A half-teaspoon of powder in hot tea lifted my mood and made my skin glow. How picturesque would it be to have this thing playing in our newly purchased fixer-upper that we would, according to my fantasy, move into some time next year? Although my fianc would have rather registered at Guitar Center, we really needed to upgrade our kitchen and household items.

Also incredibly thoughtful: The gifter packaged it with a gift card to a roaster for beans and adorable. We even use them around the house. Family-oriented giftsand by this I mean gifts that include any children the couple hascan fall into either the experience or home category. The week before our wedding, the handle fell off of our ridiculously old frying pan that we used for everything, and we were cooking using the pan with pliers for a handle.

Camping gear and/or camping guidebooks. If you dont have a good astrologer in your area, this book is a really great substitute.