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At least once each year, inspect your windows and doors to check for air leaks that indicate your weather stripping isnt doing its job. Removing the backing as you go helps prevent the sticky part of the strip from accidentally adhering to something it shouldnt. It sorely lacks decorative touches (such as the pom-pom nose seen on the hot dog over at Craftstylish). An art director from Wales called them "sausage dogs as dachshunds are known in the.K.

The Claim: "Are nasty drafts forcing you to crank up the heat?" With. It is cut to length and installed pressed against the door with a vinyl bulb to create the weatherseal. .

Here are some common door weather stripping options for the top and sides of the door that are easiest to install: Rolled vinyl material has good durability and is moderately priced. Its this vinyl bulb that causes the problem.