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So they might misconstrue this to have been caused by shaving (and probably just like the previous one, backed up likely by their parents at some point when they first started shaving telling them that shaving will make their hair grow back thicker/darker/faster). . Bonus Hair Fact: Many people believe that brushing your hair is good for it Got to get your one hundred strokes a night. . In fact, it is actually quite bad for your hair. . View in context, she had never seen him unshaven, and the three days' growth of beard on his face was repulsive to her.

View in context, he was haggard and unshaven, as he had been yesterday, but he stood upright again, and looked more like the Adam Bede of former days. Hair growth is controlled by hair follicles found just underneath the skin. . Countrymen, butchers, drovers, hawkers, boys, thieves, idlers, and vagabonds of every low grade, were mingled together in a mass; the whistling of drovers, the barking dogs, the bellowing and plunging of the oxen, the bleating of sheep, the.

The hair follicles underneath the skin control it, so cutting away dead hair, isnt going to do anything. . Some people also think it looks darker when it is growing back. . To see why it would feel coarser, think about holding a thin, long tree branch. . One of the reasons people seem to believe this (beside just because their parents told them so) is that after they shave their hair and it starts to grow back, it seems much coarser or thicker even though it is not. .