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How does a woman become bisexual or lesbian?

I never thought of that. The key point professor diamond makes is that the answer to the question what does sexual orientation orient? 02 00 lolol.

Some people know inherently what their sexual orientation. It is actually very common for lesbians to have first had relationships with men. Last year I came out to my mom and it was devastating to her and all she said was "This is a phase youre going through you'll get over it, and its because of the people you hangout with." I totally disagree with her.

I know Im young and I've read your answers to some of the peoples questions, but I really think that Im different when it comes to that because I really do know who I want to be with and that would be a girl. 01 00 This is a factor as to why they become bisexual/lesbian 01 00 Where did that chart come from? Unattractive women support unattractive women and I've noticed they'd turn lesbian for each other because they can't get a guy. 01 00 You do realize that people do not choose their sexual orientation, do you?