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Edit, storyline, true-life account of the military career of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in wwii. Native of Texas, he was placed in charge of his many younger siblings on the death of his mother and decided to join the military at the age of 18 to provide for them. See more »"s Kerrigan : after a jumpy Murphy shoots at his own image in a mirror Man, that's the first time I ever seen a Texan beat himself to the draw. See more » Goofs All the Germans in the film are wearing WWI helmets rather than the proper M42 worn in wwii.

Eventually he receives two dozen of the highest medals the US and France can bestow, culminating in the awarding of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Trivia In the DVD commentary for Rambo (1982) author David Morell cites Audie Murphy as the inspiration for the character of John Rambo. In the final Rambo film ( John Rambo (2008) he takes on hundreds of enemy soldiers with.50-cal machine gun mounted on a vehicle, just as Audie Murphy does at the end of this film (and as he actually did during the battle). Army autobiographical, see All (87) taglines: The Exciting True-Life Story Of America's Most Decorated Hero.