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Hutchins HUT2000 Hustler Straight Line Air Sander - Psa Discs

The reviewer states that this is the perfect choice for anyone that wants an air sander that will last for years without breaking. The wood will be hand fed up against the drum to accomplish a flat, sleek surface. Employed mainly for production furniture and cabinets.

Another purchaser shares that he chose this air sander after a tremendous research on the Internet and that it worked far better than he expected. Overall, this is a cheap, but powerful straight air sander made of metal, so its suitable for any homeowner. Straight Line Sanders Compared, the 5 Best Pneumatic Straight Line Sanders.

Key Features of the Hutchins Hustler Straight Line Sander 2000: Straight line, reciprocal action, two cylinder sander with common piston line. The sander smooths it and directs it out the opposite side. However, one customer has complained that this straight line sander looks cheap and he is disappointed by its performance.