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Viral Photo Sparks Theory Man Was Masturbating During Pompeii

Yes, the photo looks like the man is masturbating. The pose is not entirely unique among Pompeii victims. The individual in the photo is an adult man, killed by the hot pyroclastic surge (hot gas and ash cloud which killed most of the population living around Mount Vesuvius with both arms and legs flexed due to the heat. Massimo Osanna #Pompei #Pompeii #PompeiiTempusVita.

But dont let science get in the way of a good jerk-off joke. Although theres some debate about precisely how the volcano killed the citizens of Pompeii, both of the leading theories make it unlikely a man would be preserved in the act of jerking off. Vesuvius in 79 CE makes it look like the volcano victim was masturbating at the time of his death.

Its not clear how it made the jump to Twitter, but once it was it there, people had all kinds of amusing ways to describe what seemed to have happened to this poor, dead, ancient fellow. His hands may have ended up in a masturbatory pose, but that almost certainly happened post-mortem, not at the time of death. In fact, this pose hints at something far more terrifying.