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The possibility of groin injuries or damage to reproductive organs during your time in the military is not a happy thought, but an occasion that can be prepared for with sperm banking or egg banking. This will minimize your risk of your order being delayed because the necessary forms were not on file.

The initiative will keep the Pentagon, one of the worlds largest employers, in step with large American corporations who are offering egg freezing in order to retain female talent. This isn't the only program that the Pentagon is backing. Ship early Plan Ahead. He said the program will 'provide greater flexibility for our troops who want to start a family'.

American Society for Reproductive medicine president Dr Rebecca Z Soko said: 'svsa is a reasonable option to retrieve sperm in wounded warriors or in trauma patients with pelvic or perineal injuries. Compared to the more invasive female procedures, this procedure is pretty quick and uninvolved. The military will have to deal with numerous ethical questions surrounding the preservation of reproductive materials, such as whether the wife of a soldier who dies in battle can then use his frozen sperm. A major goal of the initiative is to increase retention among female enlistees.