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Unmasked: Erotic Tales of Superheroes, gAY league

The book also explores the personal lives of Batman's DC Comics colleagues Superman, Mister Fantastic and Mystique in New York in the early 21st Century. Some things just won't wash out. ALL the guys want to play with the team!

Ever since Batman first began fighting crime on the mean streets of Gotham City with Robin at his side, specualation has raged over the caped crusader's sexuality. With his short-lived dalliances with women and the fact that he spends most of his time with a muscular male sidekick, Marco Mancassola writes that he was in fact in a relationship with Robin. What have you done? Try not to fall in love because the life of a superhero can be a lonely one, and the life of a heart-sick admirer can be even lonelier.

Devin Grayson agreed, but added: 'I certainly understand the gay readings.'. All you have to do is promise to protect his secret identity and try not to damage the spandex! Published: 09:48 GMT, Updated: 12:40 GMT, 17, view comments, batman was gay and enjoyed an 'extreme' sex life, the author of a new book has claimed.