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Crack, stripper, ecard - American Greetings

What ARE belly strippers? The handling is a little different, but equally as deceptive. But this method was a chore to learn, requiring him to remember 52 keywords corresponding to each card in a deck. By running your fingers along the edges of the cards, you can easily locate and slide this wider card out of the deck.

THE belly stripper solution, after months of experimentation, George developed a unique approach using symmetrical belly stripper cards that was simple and foolproof; no matter how a volunteer shuffled or even dropped the cards, the set-up remained intact. He could then strip the deck and tell each person by ESP what cards they were holding.

Two pre-sorted tricks are available, or you can purchase the decks unsorted and create your own effects (note: to create your own custom effects you will need two decks, one for each deck). Nun, du hast Glück, denn hier sind sie.