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Homegrown Concert Flyer for David and Levon Ayriyan

Thus, to accommodate dwindling opportunities to play his kemanche in a context where the instrument remains largely unknown, David had to make adaptations in style and repertoire. The American Folklife Center was created by Congress in 1976 and placed at the Library of Congress to "preserve and present American Folklife" through programs of research, documentation, archival preservation, reference service, live performance, exhibition, public programs, and training. They eventually settled in Johnston, Rhode Island.

D) is an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. Though used as a chordal instrument for accompaniment, it can also carry a melody and be used as a solo instrument. Besides his vast knowledge of Armenian, Kurdish and Turkish music, Komitas modernized Armenian Church music. He received his initial musical training from his father who played the tar (an instrument resembling a European lute) and who was one of the most gifted early 20th century musicians playing traditional Armenian music.

David is also deeply influenced by Armenian ethnomusicologist and composer Komitas Vardapet, who was born in 1869. Unlike the violin, it is played vertically, with the tip of the instrument placed on a pad (usually made from leather) resting on the player's knee. When asked about his favorite musical pieces, David always mentions Sayat Nova, a composer who lived between 17, and whose work is heard wherever Armenian music is performed.