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As a stripper, i ve spent two decades naked, and this is what I learnt

There was a customer by himself drinking who had a strange look in his eyes. Additionally, what I did for work on weekends was seen as the sum total of who I was. I met a girl my age who told me she was making lots of money as a dancer, so I gave it a try. It needs to typecast women, to separate them into virgins and whores, because it needs a justification for the male gaze and for placing women at the sexual service of men.

Is working as a stripper honestly empowering? It made me into a tougher person who doesn't tolerate bullshit. I hated the fact that they paid for my car, my college tuition, my food I had a joe-job slinging wheatgrass at a juice bar, and I got a scholarship to help with my tuition, but living in Los Angeles aint cheap. What's the most you've ever made in a week?

Now that Im out of the industry, however, I dont have such a vested interest in defending. I can't lie to people I love and care about.