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Quarter Midget, chassis and, suspension - Free Shipping

Light classes are for drivers up to 100 lbs in normal street clothes. Honda: Alex French.

Honda: Ryan Boyd. Build Effort If you choose to scratch-build your quarter midget, there will be a significant effort in design and construction, but considerably less than full scale race cars. Car chassis can cost from 1,500 (used) up to 6,000 (new). 160: Matthew Roberts Hvy 160: Kaylee Esgar B: Victoria Wolf AA: Tyler Conley Light World Formula: Cam Fiser Heavy World Formula: Tyler Conley.

Half: Joshua Kunstbeck. United States Auto Club (usac). The cars use stagger (larger outside tire) and offset (right side tire farther from the chassis than left side) to manage weight transfer, as well as ride height and springs/shocks. Honda: Elvis Rankin.